Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A new way to save YouTube videos on Mac 

YouTube offers the greatest variety of videos to watch.  But sometimes you need some of those videos on your computer to watch them despite of their status on YouTube or your Internet connection. 

And if you are wondering how to save YouTube videos on Mac - there is a new way of saving YouTube videos on Mac - Airy! This app is easy to use and fun and was just recently released, so it's very modern.

This save YouTube videos Mac app is compact and light. It makes saving YouTube videos on Mac very easy - just enter the link, choose format and resolution, and click Download button. Airy supports MP4, WebM, FLV, and 3GP file types. 

And there is a nice bonus - you can download only soundtrack of the video without the video itself! Simply choose MP3 from the drop down menu after you added the link to Airy.

Airy is a paid app and costs $ 19.95, but you can download 5 videos for absolutely free!

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to save YouTube videos on Mac

We all watch YouTube videos. It is possible to find anything there. But what if there is suddenly no Internet connection, or particular video is not available on YouTube anymore? To avoid losing the access to the desired YouTube video the best way would be saving it to your computer to have instant access to it anytime.

There are three most popular methods to save YouTube videos to Mac. You can save YouTube video on Mac using add-ons of web browsers; save YouTube video to Mac with online services; save a YouTube video on a Mac with a special app.

So let's take a closer look on how to save YouTube video on Mac with each of those methods:

  • Save YouTube videos Mac using add-ons of web browsers.
Let's take Safari as example. Open the YouTube video you'd like to download and start playing it. Press Command-option-A to invoke Safari "Activity" window. You'll see the name of your video with "YouTube" ending. Locate the entry of several megabytes that is loading. Option-double click it to download it as FLV file. No additional software is needed for this method, but it takes time for the videos to be completely processed. This method also doesn’t work in Safari 6.


For Firefox users add-ons need to be downloaded. Click Tools -> Add-ons, and then search for the add-on. Restart Firefox to have add-on installed.

If using Chrome, download a plugin from Chrome web store. Click Window -> Chrome Web Store, and then search for the needed plugin. Restart Chrome to have plugin installed.

  • Save video from YouTube Mac app  

I'll take Elmedia Player PRO by Eltima Software as an example. Although it is called and actually is a versatile multi-format player for Mac it is also a powerful save YouTube video Mac app (PRO version will cost you $ 19.95 with all possible benefits). Not only can it download YouTube videos, but also various online videos including streaming RTMP ones.

Read how to save YouTube videos on Mac with Elmedia Player PRO:

  1. Download free Elmedia Player from here and install it on your Mac. Then launch it.
  2. Click "Activate PRO version" in Elmedia Player menu and enter the activation code that you receive by email after buying Elmedia Player PRO. No need to restart player or your Mac after registering the app.
  3. After you have decided which video you will be saving and added the link to this video to Elmedia Player PRO you will see that the downloads list is filled with the resources found at the address you specified. Switch the filter to "video" to see the FLV files in the list (this type of files is mainly used for YouTube).
  4. Click "Download" button to start the downloading process. The video will be saved to folder you specified in application preferences ("Path for Downloads" in menu). You can also find the video in Library.
  • Save videos from YouTube Mac online apps
You can find various online solutions for saving YouTube videos to your computer. For example, kissyoutube.com service. Just add "kiss" before "youtube" in a link to turn it into "kissyoutube". Then your browser will parse the link and skip to a window like shown below: 

 You can find other similar services on the web, however they have a disadvantage: lots of advertisements, pop-up windows, no visualization of download process, and sometimes instead of a desired video you just see an error message.